Hope is a certified fourth
generation Usui Reiki
Master-Teacher.  She has studied
under many Reiki teachers,
including well- known Reiki
Master and author William Lee
Rand.  She is also an Angel
Therapy Practitioner
®  and
Medium certified by Doreen
Virtue, PhD.   Hope is a certified
Spiritual Life Path Coach as well
as a  non-denominational
Ordained Minister.  Her sessions
can include one or several

She's a member of various
organizations that uphold the
highest standards for Reiki  and
metaphysical professionals,
including IARP (International
Association of Reiki
Professionals), International
Healers Association, Arizona
Holistic Chamber of Commerce
and World Metaphysical

She is certified in Spiritual Life  
Path Coaching by a school that is
 accredited by the American
Association of Drugless

Hope has also taken many other
courses in the healing arts
throughout the years.  Some of
these include crystal healing,
meditation and spiritual healing

She has been practicing Reiki
since August of 2003 and has
since been adding many
complementary modalities to her
Reiki practice.  These modalities
include the use of crystals and
gemstones for chakra clearing
and rejuvenation.
Hope uses crystals in her work.
Each stone has a different
healing property and when used
with the proper intention and
intuition, can be an  effective
addition to the Reiki energy.

Another addition that Hope uses
in her Reiki practice is a  crystal
singing bowl for sound therapy.  
The crystal bowl can be used for
clearing a healing space and
your aura.  The particular bowl
she uses is tuned to the F note
which helps to open up the heart
chakra, allowing for  deeper
healing to take place.

The use of  meditation, prayer,
visualization and positive
affirmations can also be very
helpful for attaining maximum
benefits and for healing on all
levels;  physical, mental, and

Hope integrates these modalities
and others for your highest
good.  Hope's eclectic and open
minded philosophy  as well as
her intuitive abilities have helped
clients with various physical and
emotional issues in a very
compassionate, healing
About Hope
Hope is proud to be a member of the Conscious Community, a
network of Arizona's Finest Metaphysical and Holistic Experts