Working with crystals and gemstones is a fascinating
art.  Crystals have their own energy, as they are
formed from the earth and everything  from the earth
has energy.  But crystals and gemstones go a step
further than that.

Each type of crystal has it's own healing properties.  
And within those categories, even individual crystal
sometimes has different healing properties than
others of the same exact type.

Typically though , the stones used during Reiki are
related to the colors of the chakras and can be
placed on or near those areas.  Other times, intuition
is used.

There are seven major chakras of each person's
etheric body and many minor chakras.  Crystal
healing works with these energy centers as a
wonderful compliment to Reiki energy.   

A few examples of this are: using purple, clear or
white for the crown chakra (located above the middle
of the head), or using a pink or green stone on the
heart chakra (located in the center of the chest, near
the heart).  

There are other uses for crystals, such as protection
from negative energy, raising the energy of a room,
making an elixer from certain stones for healing
purposes and channeling, among others.  When
used properly, crystals and gemstones can be used
to compliment Reiki and can be considered one of
nature's many wonders.
Crystal Healing