Reiki is a Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy.  
This is the energy which is all around us, in us and
throughout  all of nature.  

The meaning of Reiki also represents that energy which a
Reiki practitioner or Master can channel for healing.  A Reiki
Master-Teacher has the ability and knowledge to pass
attunements which allow others to then channel the same life
force energy to others.   It is this attunement process that
opens the channels up so that the Reiki practitioner can allow
the energy to move through them to the client.  Their own
personal energy is not used.  

In the late 1800's, Dr. Mikao Usui discovered, or some say
re-discovered, this unique system of healing.  It was kept
secret for some time, but since then has traveled all over the
world.  As many Reiki Masters are out there, that's how many
different ways of using this loving energy exist.  

Anyone can learn Reiki, but many choose only to practice it
on themselves or their family members.  Reiki is broken up
into four basic levels.  Reiki one and two are sometimes
taught together, and sometimes are taught separately.  Reiki
three is the Master level.  And the fourth level is the
Master-Teacher level.  At this level, the R.M.T. can choose to
teach Reiki to others.  Some Reiki Masters combine the
Master and Master-Teacher levels.  No way is right or wrong.  
However, those who are particularly sensitive to energy may
wish to take each level separately.

Once someone has been attuned to the first level, they can
start healing work on themselves, people, plants and animals.
 At level two, they can add distant healing.  With each level,
the energy becomes stronger.  By the time one gets to the
Master-Teacher level, the energy in the hands is usually very
palpable.  Sometimes the client will feel a lot of heat
emanating from the practitioner's hands (which may or may
not be noticed at any level of Reiki).  

During a Reiki session, the client is fully dressed and lies
down on a Reiki (massage) table.  The Reiki practitioner or
Master will start at the head of the person and work their way
down to the feet, sending energy to the client's chakras, auric
field and any other areas that need attention.   Some Reiki
practitioners also send Reiki to other areas of discomfort  or
use their intuition.  

Sometimes the practitioner will use soothing or healing music
or add other modalities to enhance the healing process.  A
typical Reiki session lasts an hour.  However, Hope's
sessions including meditation and added modalities last
anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours.  Powerful
healing can take place during this time.  Reiki is a very
relaxing and healing energy.

A series of sessions is usually recommended.  Reiki can be
helpful for physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues.  
Sometimes the effects are very subtle and other times  they're
very powerful or are noticed later.  Either way, it is always for
your highest and best good.
What is Reiki?